yowe x̌ʉ iloqahe, xususan X̌ikwor sǝqofat woz X̌ikve halake ya qudrati mahole tahafuz woz tǝr pʉrʉt yundake hat x̌etk.

Didorerep yem aword Decembere muy Beynul Aqwomi Kohve Rǝwore muqaer dǝ Khaṭmanḍu randen. Didore yarkve bobat mazeed joyne haten tayin carit PAMIRTIMES woz The Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal site tayin carit.

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    Baig Ali

    Our, Heartfelt Congratulations to the Team and Especially Team Leader Didar Ali from, Gulmit Gojal. On and behalf of GECA, GISAK and WATCA, The Management and Advisory Teams Conveys Congratulations for the Winner of the Edmound Medal at International Level.
    We Team Members within the Wakhic Institutions always feel Proud on our YOUTH LEADERSHIP, Like DIDAR AlI, we do expect from all the Youth and Future Leadership of Wakhics within Pakistan and across the Boarder Living presently in Four Countries of our GLOBE.
    We expect from our Wakhic Youth Leaders to strive for international citizenship accepting Humanity, Pluralism, and acceptance of diversity as Imam of the Time Expect and guide us in Present TIME.

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