Kǝlom: Zargar Owoz: Dowlat Beeg

Kathe'e Thath- a Wakhi lullaby

“Kath-e-Tath” is a Wakhi lullaby by Iqbal Hussain alias Indijek from Shimshal Valley for his son Rahim Shah alias Kakath. The context of the lullaby is a real life incident. Indijek, also known as Zargar, along with his wife Sadberg (Bargun) and one year old son Kakath migrate to Spayee,one of the summer pasturelands in Ghujerav valley, along with their livestock for 6 months. One day Kakath gets fainted. Zargar & his wife get panicked. In a state of shock & helplessness they assume that their son is no more. Zargar asks his wife to make arrangements for his burial in Spayee but Bargun is of the opinion to take the body to the main Shimshal village. Zargar agrees and they bundle the boy in a Wargeshth (a traditional basket woven of willow twigs) and leave for the Shimshal town. On the way when Zargar crosses a water stream, he feels a jolt in the basket on his back. Suddenly the grief-stricken parents hear the baby cooing. They take the basket down and find that their son is alive. Both of them break down in tears and thank God for the miracle. This emotional incident inspirs Zargar composing this lullaby for his son-Kakath.Zargar, 80, is now living happilly with his son Kakath,46, and four grandchildren, in Shimshal.Music & Voice : DWBaigPresented by : IPPACRecording : DWB Studio#WakhiSong, #WakhiFolkSong, #WakhiLullaby, #PamiriSong, #DWBaig, #AfzalKarim, #Zazal, #GBFolkSongs, #HunzaFolkMusic, #HunzaMusic, #WakhiMusic, #WakhiFolk, #PamiriFolkMusic, #PamiriFolkSongs, #PamiriMusic, #Gojal, #Indijek, #Zargar

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